Tcx Jupiter 5 Gore-Tex 001




Product Details

DESCRIPTIONCertified protective andpractical motorcycleshoes for city riding andshort trips. Gore-Tex®membrane for totalprotection fromatmospheric agentsSPECIFICATIONThe Jupiter 5 Gore-Tex® certified motorcycle shoes are designed to offer protection, practicality and comfort in all climates.The Gore-Tex® Performance membrane integrated in the upper offers perfect insulation from theelements, such as rain and low temperatures, as well as excellent breathability, to feel totally comfortable in all seasons.Safety is guaranteed by reinforcements on the heel and ankle, as well as by a sole that won’t lose its shape.The laces are held in place by a special Velcro strap. Reinforcement is added to the point of contact with the gearbox, to prevent wear and protect the area from repeated contact with the lever.The Groundtrax® sole features specially designed tread and compound that offer ideal grip on motorcycles