Shark Skwal I3 Rhad Wur




Product Details

DESCRIPTIONStand out on the road: ride in all weathers and stay visible thanks to the i3’s signature smart full LED lights!SPECIFICATIONLED LIGHTS & ACTIVE BRAKE LIGHTS AS STANDARDThis innovative safety LED system, tried and tested since the first version of the SKWAL, has been redesigned with the addition of active brake lights as standard. Thanks to the integration of a triaxial accelerometer, you enjoy the benefit of smart brake lights on your helmet without the need for cables or Bluetooth!COMPACT & ORIGINAL DESIGNA design drawn directly from the world of motorsport and science fiction.This blend of aerodynamics and robotics accentuates the unique signature lightingOUTSTANDING SAFETY AND FEATURESThe SKWAL i3 exceeds the stringent requirements of the UN ECE 22-06 standard thanks to its high performance build and its perfectly integrated features as standard.COMFORT REDESIGNEDA 3D scan campaign carried out with a wide array of users enabled us to define the best possible fit for you: “BEST FIT” by SHARK.Its 5 highly technical textiles offer a fit with a unique second-skin feel.*Coloured Iridium visors are available to purchase separately for £59.99 RRP and do NOT come as standard

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