Tcx S-Tr1 Wp 001


TCX S-TR1 WP 001


Product Details

DESCRIPTIONCertified and waterproof sports motorcycle boots.Designed for maximum safety and optimal comfort in all climates.SPECIFICATIONThe S-TR1 Waterproof sports boots are designed to protect the foot, foot joint and shin, and additionally feature an integrated T-DRY waterproof membrane that ensures full insulation from the atmospheric agents during rainy weather.Protection is guaranteed by a front rigid shield in TPU that operates in synergy with the soft lower padding.The TCS® (Torsion Control System), a joint specially designed to accompany the ankle as it moves through its optimal range of action, guides the movement of the foot joint, thus avoiding the risk of unwelcome twisting, hyper-extension and hyperflexion.The Groundtrax® sole boasts a specially designed tread that ensures perfect grip on the motorcycle’s controls as well as on asphalt, in all weather conditions.