Shark Ridill 2 Molokai Ksg




Product Details

DESCRIPTIONEnjoy innovative SHARK features for a sensational riding experience!SPECIFICATIONCOMPACT & ORIGINAL DESIGNThe new and sportier RIDILL 2 has that sportswear streetwear look. With its air inlets streetwear, and spoiler, the RIDILL 2’s subtly distinguished design is what SHARK Racing is all about.MORE THAN JUST A HELMETEnjoy a helmet that is packed with SHARK’s key innovations for a comfortable ride no matter the occasion.COMFORT REDESIGNED CONFORT D’ACCUEILA 3D scan campaign carried out with wide array of users enabled us to define the best possible fit for you: “BEST FIT” by SHARK.OUTSTANDING SAFETY AND FEATURESThe RIDILL 2 exceeds the stringent requirements of the UN ECE 22-06 standard thanks to its high-performance build and its perfectly integrated features as standard.PINLOCK READY*Coloured Iridium visors are available to purchase separately for £59.99 RRP and do NOT come as standard