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For the 2020 season Yamaha will launch the quicker, stronger and lighter WR250F enduro bike that has been developed from the company's winning YZ250F motocross machine. Featuring a new high performance reverse-head engine together with the very latest bilateral aluminium beam frame and state-of-the-art front and rear suspension - as well as slimmer restyled bodywork - the new-generation WR250F is the most advanced 250cc 4-stroke enduro bike ever built by Yamaha.

Throughout its 20-year history this enduro thoroughbred has established something of a reputation for being one of the toughest and most competitive racers at all levels, with numerous national and international victories to its credit. At the same time as being a podium contender in the ultracompetitive E1 class, the WR250F has also become popular with trail riders who appreciate the bike's ease of use, strong performance and outstanding reliability and durability.

High-performance YZ250F-based engine

The YZ250F is one of the most competitive motocross bikes at every level - as witnessed by its strong podium performances in the hands of Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha riders Jago Geerts and Ben Watson in the 2019 FIM MX2 World Championship, as well as Dylan Ferrandis' victory in the 2019 AMA250 Supercross West Championship in the USA.

The 2020 WR250F engine is closely based on the latest YZ250F design, and features a wide range of performance-boosting technology that gives stronger, linear power throughout the wide operating range. A new forged aluminium piston achieves a higher compression ratio of 13.8:1, and together with optimised exhaust cam timing and new intake port valve seats, these changes boost the engine's low to mid-rpm torque levels to make this the ultimate E1 enduro weapon.

The previous model's 10-hole injector is replaced with a new 12-hole injector as well as a new 44mm Mikuni throttle body and a revised intake funnel to give outstanding power characteristics - and to match these changes and improve the power feeling the 2020 WR250F is equipped with a newly designed crankshaft balancer weight.

Compared to the previous engine, the 2020 WR250F design delivers stronger power throughout the entire rev range together with increased performance at higher rpm, making it the most competitive 250cc 4-stroke Yamaha enduro ever built.

Lighter starter motor

For easy starting with faster restarts during a race the new model is fitted with a lightweight and compact starter motor that's just 50mm in diameter. Located close to the centre of the chassis toachieve an idealised mass centralisation, this powerful 390W starter motor is powered by a compact lead type battery, and a new ACM provides a strong and reliable electricity supply.

Lighter and tougher clutch

Enduro is probably the toughest environment for any motorcycle clutch. From being slipped mercilessly through technical single-track through to aggressive full-throttle starts on special tests, it has to be able to handle hour after hour of sometimes heavy-handed treatment.

For 2020 the WR250F's 6-speed wide-ratio transmission features a newly designed clutch that's both lighter and tougher. Equipped with special heat resistant friction plates with a knurled finish, this new clutch gives a light feel at the lever and is designed to perform consistently and effectively for long periods in the toughest terrain.

Enduro-specific free flow air filter

Yamaha's unique reverse head engine features a front facing inlet with the airbox mounted in front of the fuel tank - and for 2020 a newly designed air filter is fitted, enabling tool-free changes. The length of the inlet combined with the special free flow design of the filter contribute towards the new engine's excellent feelings of traction and linear power, and its welded construction and additional rubber seals around the positioning pin ensure that only clean air reaches the combustion chamber.

Compatible with the Power Tuner smartphone app

For 2020 the WR250F's power characteristics can be wirelessly tuned via a suitable smartphone loaded with the Power Tuner app. Previously this was only possible with the Yamaha Power Tuner device, but now it is easier and quicker than ever to adjust the engine running settings.

The Power Tuner app enables an even greater range of settings, giving the WR250F rider the opportunity to adapt the power output according to preference, terrain and riding conditions. Riders have the choice of 3 available factory mappings and the possibility to select from 16 adjustable values for fuel injection and ignition timing, giving a wide range of potential settings. The values are displayed on a 3D map for greater precision when adjusting settings in the desired rpm ranges, making it possible to fine tune the engine's performance character to suit virtually every situation.

The Power Tuner app also features a race log, engine diagnostics, real-time monitoring screen and data back-up function, and the app allows riders to share and compare maps and race logs when planning race strategies or simply helping other riders to get the most from their bike.

Engine map switch

The WR250F is equipped with a handlebar-mounted dual engine map switch. This features two factory set modes, but riders can choose to use their own custom maps created using the Power Tuner app. These can be uploaded to the WR250F's CCU (Communication Control Unit), and the rider can switch between each map to suit changing conditions while riding.

Other engine changes for 2020

  • Revised lower cylinder cut-outs reduce pumping losses
  • Relocated oil filler and oil level gauge
  • Aluminium impeller and re-routed water pipe
  • New double electrode spark plug
  • Lightweight bolts and screws


New bilateral beam frame for sharper handling

The new aluminium bilateral beam frame features a revised layout including straight fuel tank rails, and in order to achieve the desired balance of rigidity it is fitted with newly developed main engine mounts featuring additional external plates. The new design achieves around 15% increase in overall chassis rigidity to give a light and balanced feel, together with excellent feedback from the track surface.

Industry leading front and rear suspension

Yamaha's front and rear suspension systems are widely regarded as being amongst the best if not the best in the off road world. For 2020 the WR250F is fitted with YZ250F type AOS (Air Oil Separate) front forks that use enduro-specific settings in order to be able to handle low and high speed riding situations on a wide range of hard and soft surfaces.

Running with 25mm diameter tubes - 1mm more than the previous model - and benefitting from an increased oil flow rate, the new Kayaba (KYB) forks give a secure feeling of contact with the ground. A new leaf spring in the mid speed valve (MSV) responds to the smallest amount of oil flow to give excellent low speed damping - and the enduro fork settings give a controlled feeling together with smooth transitional performance between the compression and rebound strokes. The new forks also feature higher rigidity front axle brackets that help eliminate flex to give an increased feeling of
traction for increased stability and manoeuvrability.

At the rear the new YZ250F-derived shock absorber is fitted with a stronger and lighter coil spring that achieves a 350 gram weight saving, and for cooler and more stable damping characteristics the reservoir capacity is increased by 30cc.

Larger capacity slimline fuel tank

The new WR250F delivers an increased riding range thanks to the use of a new larger 7.9 litre fuel tank, an increase of 0.5 litres over the previous model. The new design has been developed from the YZ250F, and the additional capacity has been achieved by extending the tank downwards towards the bike's centre to achieve optimum balance.

Slimmer and sharper bodywork, improved ergonomics

For 2020 this high performance 250cc 4-stroke gets a bold new race-bred look that brings it in line with the new-for-2019 WR450F and the latest YZF motocross models. The new radiator shrouds and airbox cover give a smoother and more unified appearance, while the new sidepanels and rear fender give a more aggressive look - and to keep the bike looking good, the bodywork features tough new wear-resistant in-mould graphics.

Even though the new tank carries more fuel, the 2020 bodywork is actually slimmer than the previous design - and together with a flatter and lower seat, both the ergonomics and rider mobility are improved.

Sleek new headlight cowl

The WRF family look is strengthened with the use of a sleek new headlight cowl that sits lower on the forks and is positioned closer to the rider. Not only does this contribute towards mass centralisation, it also creates a light and agile feel from the rider's viewpoint.

Tougher lightweight skid plate

To give high levels of protection the WR250F runs with a new skid plate manufactured from lightweight plastic resin. As well as helping to shield the frame, water pump, hoses and engine cases, it also prevents dirt and mud ingress that can increase running weight - and its flat base helps to
ensure a smooth glide over rocks and fallen trees.

Lightweight speed sensor and high-precision display

A new lightweight front wheel sensor sends data to a high-precision speed display, and by eliminating the previous model's speedo drive cable and collar, the new system makes for faster front wheel removal and installation. The compact display also includes fuel level and engine management indicators.

Key Features

  • All-new design for 2020
  • New YZ250F-based high-performance enduro-spec engine
  • Revised exhaust cam timing and reshaped exhaust ports
  • New Denso 12-hole fuel injector with new 44mm Mikuni throttle body
  • New multi-angle intake port valve seats
  • Higher compression lightweight piston
  • New crankshaft balancer weight
  • New heavy-duty heat-resistant clutch
  • New lightweight and compact electric starter motor
  • New high-output ACM
  • 6-speed wide-ratio transmission with revised shift cam
  • Enduro-specific fuel injection and ignition timing mapping
  • Compatible with Yamaha's free Power Tuner smartphone app
  • CCU enables Power Tuner app
  • Handlebar mounted 2-mode mapping switch
  • Newly-developed bilateral beam frame with enduro-specific engine mounts
  • New YZ250F-type AOS front forks with larger 25mm inner cylinders
  • New lightweight rear shock
  • Larger capacity 7.9 litre fuel tank
  • New resin engine guard
  • New YZ250F-type front axle brackets
  • New flatter and lower YZ250F-type seat
  • Tough new wear-resistant in-mould graphics

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